Information about Covid-19

[ March 2, 2020 ]

Information about Covid-19

Today we would like to inform you about the current state of the development regarding the corona virus and the precautions at Areal Böhler, the home-base of Gallery FASHION and Gallery SHOES.

According to the current assessment of the authorities in Germany, there is no danger for events on the area of Areal Böhler. The responsible persons at both, the Igedo Company and the Areal Böhler are in close contact with the health authorities. Recommendations and instructions from the authorities are being implemented.

Regardless of the current situation, the Areal Böhler has a high standard of direct medical care. We have increased this standard once again in coordination with those persons in charge for the Areal Böhler during our trade fairs. Thus, several medical staff and a doctor are permanently available, all of them are of course trained in dealing with infectious diseases. Medical staff are visibly on the move in all halls and are available to provide exhibitors and visitors with advice and assistance. In addition, further steps will be taken, such as the installation of additional disinfectant dispensers at all entrances and a higher frequency of cleaning of heavily frequented hall areas and sanitary facilities.

Please pay attention to the hygiene advices as well as to the information of the Robert Koch Institute

Best regards from Düsseldorf


Igedo Company Team