Digital BrandBox

The digital brand box is an add-on for additional service, but not a replacement for the physical event.

True experience of product and quality can complement and enrich a virtual presentation, but it cannot replace it completely and permanently.


Brief instructions for using the digital Brandbox and visiting the virtual conference room


Please click on the Digital Brandbox button below. The Visitor Login window opens. Please log in with the login data you received with your booking confirmation.

To log in, please copy and paste the complete Benutzername = user name (email address + booking ID) and the booking ID as password =Passwort. As soon as you are logged in, you will be in the foyer.

To visit an exhibitor’s stand, please click on the name on the exhibitor board in the foyer or click on the Exhibitor Database at the top left and select the exhibitor.

In the foyer you can also see which media events (webinars) are being offered. Simply click on the circle next to the word Media Events and an information board with the dates will open. Please note this time we have only webinars in German.


In our brand box you will find an overview of all registered exhibitors and brands of the Industrial Showroom Gallery SHOES & Fashion, which take place from 18 – 20 APRIL 2021 at Areal Böhler in Düsseldorf.